Raccoon Mountain Caving Trip - 3/15/14 to 3/16/14

by Mark W

A great event to Raccoon Mountain Caverns Saturday 3/15 to Sunday 3/16.  Thanks to all that attended as the trip went very smoothly.   The Troop started to arrive at 7:30AM to pack up that morning and we left around 8:00AM with four vehicles packed with 12 scouts and 4 parents anxious for some caving.  We arrived after 11AM and started to set up camp thereafter.  Bagged lunches were brought by each person, so each ate before set up.  We divided into two Patrols, each patrol set up patrol equipment then personal equipment.

Setting up Camp at Raccoon Mountain

Setting up Camp at Raccoon Mountain

The tour started at 2:30PM so we arrived 15 minutes earlier to get caving equipment.  There are several tours available depending on expertise and timeline.  We went on the 'Echo' tour that is approximately 4 hours in length.  The tour included caving through the Scout Room, Canyon Crawl, Surprise Dome, Sticky Dome, 49 cent Squeeze, Ankle Breaker, and plenty of Rope Assisted Climbs.  There was an area where we rested in complete darkness with a few scouts attempting to scare the others.

After four hours we saw daylight.  Many took showers to get the dirt off, apparently the dirt in the cave is the same type used in mud baths (per our guide) so the dirt would come off easily, plus be good for our complexions.  The patrols started cooking meals, one patrol had the quality HOBO meal, and the other had old fashioned hot dogs.  After cleanup it was skits and story time, some great skits were done by scouts with plenty of laughs, then Scout Master Paul concluded with two great stories as usual, most kids went to sleep right after.

When 7am arrived it was time to repack all gear in the RAIN.  Each patrol had breakfast and have a Sunday service, sweep the area for trash and departure instructions.  We returned back to the church at about 12:45pm, with some very tired scouts and adults.  It turned out be a very fun and safe weekend for everyone!  Thanks again to the scouts, adults, drivers and parents!