Biking the Silver Comet Trail - Sep. 8-9, 2012

Map of the Silver comet Trail

It was a enjoyable weekend for riding on the Silver Comet trail. Weather was great ,except for the one big thunderstorm saturday afternoon.

Friday we loaded up and drove to The Rock RV campground in Rockmart GA. It was dark when we arrived, so we set up camp by headlights, nearby streetlights and flashlights.  [ Troop 1134 from Roswell was also camping there at the campground]. We set up camp, had a brief meeting and then settled in for the night. Scoutmaster Paul sang us to sleep.

Saturday morning, we had a quick breakfast of breakfast bars, fruit, and milk. we split into two groups. Mr Cline took Harper, JJ, and Tyler and headed out for 50 miler. Tyler was having trouble three miles in, he came back to our group, which he met on the trail as we were just starting our ride. Mr Cline escorted him down then rode back to his group. 

Scoutmaster Paul and I worked with other scouts: Matthew S., Cy, Matt M., Kaleb,  on Map and Compass orienteering and then we headed out for a 10 mile ride on the trail. we rode 5 miles east on trail, then back to camp. Took a short break, and then rode west  4 miles toward Rockmart for lunch at Dairy Queen. we rode a few more miles on trail and then turned around and went back to camp.

As an impromptu  conservation service project, each scout was assigned a mile to pick up  trash. on the way to town. All of it was thrown away in trash receptacles along the trail.

Upon the return trip to camp, the scouts had a race during the last two miles with Mr. Paul. Cy won, I believe. Overall, we rode about 20 miles.

Mr. Cline, Harper, and JJ completed the 50 mile trip, including getting caught in downpour. Drove to DQ for lunch and returned to camp.

Back at camp, scouts worked on other rank advancements including knife sharpening, ax/hatchet saftey, Matthew s. worked with Mr. Cline on fly fishing knots.

Miles M.  participatied in  10 mile ride and rank advancement activities

Dinner was spaghetti and sauce, green beans, bread and butter with cookies for dessert.

We had a combined troop campfire with Troop 1134. Each patrol (ours and their two patrols) did a skit. Paul entertained with a ghost story and closed with Scout vespers. Cy was the master of ceremonies along with another scout.

On Sunday, we had a cold breakfast of cereal, fruit, and milk. Packed up our personal and troop gear.  We took a group pic with Troop 1134, per campground owners request for a picture for their website. held a short worship service and headed back to athens.

On 441, north of Madison, traffic was stopped due to a bad wreck in the road. we waited a while and the road was finally cleared. Arrived back at FPC about 12:30 PM.

Overall, it was a great trip. Congratulations to  Harper, Mr. Cline  and JJ (2nd time) for completing the 50 miler!