Playground Mulch Spreading - July 25, 2014

Matthew S - Star Project

Spreading Mulch at Friendship Presbyterian Playground

Spreading Mulch at Friendship Presbyterian Playground

Date: 7/25/14

Description: Well to start off, I contacted the church and they had mulch delivered to the church. The first part of the project was that I had to fill in a hole at the playground that was from a stump being pulled, when I finally filled it in we had to move the access dirt to the other side of the fence because the fence needed to be repaired. The second part of the project was to deliver the mulch to the actual main part of the playground. I had 3 groups of workers. First I had people who scooped up the mulch from the pile and put it into wheelbarrows. Then I had people who got the wheel barrows and dumped it in the area that needed mulch . Then I had people with rakes who spread the mulch out. Every so often workers would switch out jobs, so one person wasn't doing the same thing the whole time. 

Hours Worked: 5 hours

Hours Planning: 2 hours

Assistants: 11 people (40 hours)

Donors: None. People brought wheelbarrows and shovels and rakes, but there was not any materials donated. The church provided the mulch.